jmeter sampler for rstatd.
how to use versions

0.0.7 feature requests:
  [1910442] at new line, scroll down.
  [1910444] add visual warnings.
  [1910447] load result from others formats.
  [1911006] show results in table.
  [1913387] move code to new classes.
  [1913392] RstatdStatsTime: set default values in constructor.
  [1913491] move the properties into new text file.
  [1914201] open file dialog in current folder.
0.0.6 feature requests:
  [1910436] save results as XML
  [1910437] limit file size
0.0.5 bugs:
  [1905819] visalizer shows results from other sampler
  [1905854] visalizer compute wrong cpu usage
  feature requests:
  [1905778] install script for windows
  [1905866] allow test connection to server
0.0.4 save/load setting for results writer, add header for CSV file.
0.0.3 save/load results and some changes on VisualizerSimpleText.
0.0.2 installation script for unix, renamed resources, added VisualizerSimpleText.
0.0.1 initial.
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